About Us

We are a small home Bengal Kitten breeding program in the United States and We breed Bengals to better the breed in Soundness, Temperament and quality. We breed not for profit making but for love of the breed. These Kittens are a special creature to us and that is what we are trying to make the world through our PEACE HOME BENGAL KITTENS

All of our kittens include first set of kitten shots, 4 dewormings and 2 Year health and genetic guarantee, Pedigree Paperwork and a health check by a licensed veterinarian.

When you purchase your Bengal kitten from us, you’re getting the best of the best from the most excellent of bloodlines, our kittens receive the best of veterinarian care and personal attention, they come with a two-year health and genetic guarantee! you will have the peace of mind that we are available to you seven days a week for support and advice, we will be here for many years to come!

Our Bengal kittens are some of the most sought-after kittens in the world, your friends and family will marvel at the uniqueness and incredibly playful cuteness of your Bengal kitten, they will forever resemble a wild leopard but have the adorable sweet loving persona of the Bengal cat that everyone knows and loves!

You will always cherish the purchase of your spectacular Bengal kitten!

Shipping Kittens To Other States And Countries

We deliver our kittens all over the world, with a few exceptions. We take good care of everything so that your new Bengal kitten travels comfortably and arrives at his new destination safely. We do all the steps and follow the requirements of each state and country. You only have to pick up your new companion(kitten) at the closest airport on the chosen date as we’ll provide you with complete itinerary and tracking details or if you prefer that your kitten be brought to your home.


Your kitten is safe to fly for hours with professional airlines offering pet travel services. So if you don’t live around to pick up the kitten, we’ll do well to send the kitten to your address which you’ll have to pay for the flight.